CityAdapt Blog – The Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4)

Since the successful Mediterranean City Conference in Athens, we have been busy behind the scenes putting together the next phase of the Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4). It is my pleasure to tell you about a couple of positive more

CityAdapt Blog – How “Cool Roofs” Won in Los Angeles

On December 17th, 2013, Los Angeles became the first large city to pass a “cool roof” ordinance mandating that all new and renovated homes use roofing material that naturally reflects sunlight. Heat-reducing cool roofs are an important climate adaptation tool more

CityAdapt Blog – Regional Collaboration on Adaptation

The latest IPCC 5 synthesis report confirms that the impact of climate change is present and highlights the risks for regions around the world including Australia. The findings call out the impacts (wildfire, sea level rise, extreme events) that we more

CityAdapt Blog – Announcing the New MC-4 Secretariat

Welcome to the inaugural Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4) CityAdapt Newsletter from its new home at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles. We are delighted to serve as the Secretariat and thank our partners at the Council for more

CityAdapt Blog – The Case for MC-4

In June 2012, over 230 experts from 15 countries convened in Los Angeles for The Mediterranean City: A Conference on Climate Change Adaptation. Participants came from Australia, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Greece, Fiji, more

Dr. Eric Strauss in the News – Coyotes in Westchester and Playa del Rey

Follow this link to see the full story:

Director’s Blog: Fledgling Center Receives Research Award

Dear friends of CURes, We have received an award from LMU and the Office of Sponsored Programs for being the team that submitted the most proposals for funding and for receiving nine external grants for our work.  This is unprecedented more

Welcome to the New CURes Website!

It is with a great deal of enthusiasm and not a little bit of pride that I welcome you to our new website at the LMU Center for Urban Resilience. Over the past four months, our new Programs and Communications more

Coyotes: We Can’t Kill Our Way to Conservation

In late September 2014, the California city of Seal Beach ignited a controversy by adopting a proposal to trap and kill coyotes. To date several coyotes have been killed with many more to follow. The argument advanced by the city more

Interview with a CURes Researcher: Dr. Michele Romolini

 Q: How did you decide that you wanted to get your PhD in Natural Resources and conduct research on environmental stewardship and governance? A: As an undergraduate, I thought that I wanted to be doctor or a veterinarian because I more