LMU Environmental Lecture Series

Imagining a Resilient Future: Engaging the LMU Community

2017-2018 Environmental Lecture Series

Presented by the LMU Center for Urban Resilience
in partnership with
LMU Environmental Studies and Environmental Science programs

We are living in an unprecedented time of social and environmental change. In order to work towards a resilient future, it is important to understand the complexity of global and local environmental issues and use that information as a foundation to build solutions. This lecture series aims to engage the LMU community in the range of environmental research studies and projects being conducted on and off campus. LMU faculty, staff, and affiliates will discuss their work and highlight collaborative partnerships with other universities, environmental organizations, and public agencies. Students will learn about ongoing projects that may provide potential internship and research opportunities.

Six lectures will take place over the 2017-2018 academic year. The full schedule is here: LMU 2017-18 Env Lecture Series.

The second lecture of the series took place on World Food Day. Dr. Cristina Tirado gave a talk entitled, “Global Climate Change, Food, Health, and Sustainability” – it can be viewed here (password is LMU2017).