Our Programs

Ballona Discovery Park is a two-acre native garden and wildlife habitat that serves as an outdoor laboratory for pre-kindergarten through graduate-level science education.

Ballona Discovery Park Activities

Staff members from CURes and our partners (LMU, Friends of Ballona Wetlands, Heal The Bay Foundation and Santa Monica Bay Foundation – The Bay Foundation), conduct tours, formal classes, teacher training workshops and research laboratories at the park on an on-going basis.  These activities benefit students of LMU, neighboring Playa Vista Elementary School and over a dozen other public and private schools in the region.  In addition to students, a range of community groups, spiritual organizations, religious groups, urban planners and nature enthusiasts, take tours of the Park.  It is also a venue for visual artists, meditative retreats and other organized gatherings.

Hours and Services

Ballona Discovery park is open continuously and serves the local community with gardens and wildlife viewing opportunities.  We provide informal science learning activities include interpretive stations, a walkable model watershed ecosystem and a recreation of a native Gabrieleno gathering house (kiiy) with audio recordings of Native American Gabrieleno/Tongva stories.  No admission is charged for entry into the park.

Accessing the Park

The Park is conveniently located near bus stops, a bicycle path and major transit corridors.  Seniors, very young children and individuals with physical disabilities and/or limited mobility have access to transit and are able to park in safe and well-marked parking areas and easily move about the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant wheelchair-accessible Park.  The nearby 7-mile Ballona Creek Bike Path links bicyclists to the Pacific Ocean Bike Path that goes all the way from Pacific Palisades to Palos Verdes.