Our Programs

LMU Courses

There are numerous opportunities for international scholarship through CURes.  For example, the Bonn Science Program gives students the opportunity to take courses in a country that has a long history of significant scientific achievement and one that is at the cutting edge of creating sustainable communities. Through classes, program excursions and special presentations, students gain exposure to important scientific research being carried out in Germany and throughout the European Union in the fields of biology, chemistry and biochemistry, environmental science, and health and human science.  They are also able to experience and learn about German culture.  The Akademie für Internationale Bildung (AIB), a nonprofit educational organization based in Bonn and a longterm LMU partner, hosts the program.  Last year, the students worked on a dune restoration project.  Next year, we will establish several urban ecology projects that will allow students to use the city as a living laboratory and bring their research back to Los Angeles.

CURes also hosts a summer course in Costa RicaTropical Science and Culture in Costa Rica. This course will be offered in Summer 2019.

The Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4)

CURes also addresses issues of urban ecology and resilience on a broader geographic scale through the Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4), an international climate action initiative for Mediterranean regions like Los Angeles. Through MC-4, CURes engaged with international policy leaders at the recent COP23 in Bonn, Germany.