Our Programs

CURes offers a summer course for LMU students in Costa Rica called Tropical Science and Culture in Costa Rica. We teach this interdisciplinary overview of tropical science, policy, and culture course (and the interactions between them) in conjunction with the Monteverde Institute.  The course consists of lectures as well as field visits and presentations.  Students also develop specific areas of concentration for their studies by collaborating with course instructor, Dr. Peter Auger.  Overall, CURes and the Monteverde Institute aim to provide students with a broad Costa Rican historical and social context in order to facilitate a better understanding of the tropical biology of the region.

This course is intended to accommodate both science and non-science majors and no prerequisites or language requirements are necessary to enroll. The next session will be offered in Summer of 2019.

Course Description

Students (maximum 25) will visit and tour various internal and coastal regions of Costa Rica.  Guided walks through representative, remote tropical, archeological, geological and biological zones will be augmented with meetings and discussions with various environmental and cultural agencies and organizations.  Participants will be expected to hike through sometimes rigorous outside environments and maintain a schedule that often will require early morning activities.  Students will also be afforded specific time periods for directly experiencing and enjoying local cultures and attractions.

As part of the three credit course grading requirements, students will be coached and facilitated by the instructor in selecting an individually relevant cultural, scientific or environmental issue that exerts an important effect on the study of tropical biology in Costa Rica.  Individual projects will usually take the form of a final paper, but
also may be produced in more unconventional formats such as edited video programs, artistic portfolios or other topic-appropriate formats.