Our Programs

CURes works closely with LMU’s Sustainability Office to improve the community’s knowledge of existing sustainability practices and to promote new initiatives. We provide extensive research opportunities for students and hold events throughout the year to promote using the campus as a living laboratory and to emphasize the importance of urban ecosystems in daily life.  LMU’s Sustainability Officer is the liaison between student and community involvement in campus sustainability research and events. Examples of sustainability initiatives include creating a map of sustainability resources on the LMU campus and tracking and analyzing the campus’ greenhouse gas footprint.

Sustainability Events

CURes co-sponsors several campus sustainability events annually. Past events include a climate change teach-in to discuss the effects of global warming and student-initiated solutions, a very well-attended sustainable seafood education panel, and the fifth annual G2 Green Earth Film Festival.

Elementary and middle school students participated in an LMU Day of Service focused on ecology where CURes a led native planting session at Ballona Discovery Park and in the surrounding Westchester community.

LIONS Garden

CURes co-created the LIONS Garden at LMU.  This resource facilitates informal and formal learning opportunities for students and community members. The garden’s mission is to address LMU’s focus on social and environmental justice by examining issues such as hunger and nutrition through urban gardening. By utilizing bio-intensive gardening methods that maximize crop yields, the LIONS Garden strives to demonstrate how to grow nutritious food with a minimal amount of space. The plants in the garden are all native and attract pollinators.