Our Programs

CURes supports a wide variety of research activities aimed at better understanding the biological and social structure and function of urban communities.  Our current research projects focus on the urban forest in Los Angeles, the social aspects of environmental stewardship and urban biodiversity with an emphasis on predators.  Our upcoming studies will 1) assess the social value of the Baldwin Hills recreation areas; 2) seek to understand the spatial ecology of colonial water birds in Marina Del Rey; 3) model water quality in Marina Del Rey; and 4) study the ecology of feral cats and meso-predators and measure the human attitudes towards feral cats in the Ballona Wetlands.  Additionally, we house two international research programs in Bonn, Germany and Costa Rica.

The Nature of Our Research

1)  Many of our studies are community-based and invite participation from a wide variety of stakeholders and funders.

2) Our research involves LMU faculty, grad students and undergraduates.

3) Our research provides long-term study opportunities suitable for integration into lab courses and community management plans.

Research Profile: Feral Cats in Los Angeles

An urban predators initiative focused on feral cats has led to the formation of a regional feral cat study group hosted at LMU and partially supported by the Found Animals Foundation.  The group’s mission is to explore and develop novel management plans for the nearly one million feral cats that live in Los Angeles.