Our Programs

MC-4 LogoMC-4 is a network of adaptive cities. We focus on implementing adaptation solutions in the five Mediterranean climate regions of the world: California, central Chile, the Western Cape of South Africa, southern and southwestern Australia and the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. In the landscape of climate adaptation, we are a unique collaborative organized around ecological boundaries.

Climate Solutions

Today, as over half of the world’s population inhabits cities (growing to 60% by 2030!), city-scale climate change adaptation is critical. To drive local adaptation, cities can leverage networks to interact and collaborate. Networks have numerous benefits related to knowledge creation, standards, financing, technical skills and best practices.


MC-4 in Action

We lead solutions to optimize climate change adaptation using the following strategies:

Bridge efforts to address climate change across sectors, agencies, jurisdictions and other governance structures within each of the five Mediterranean-climate regions;

Leverage finite resources to maximize outcomes and increase performance standards

Exchange knowledge of both research and practice

Share and interpret case studies to extract best practices and areas of improvement;

Prioritize crosscutting solutions.

See What Mediterranean Cities Are Doing Now

Cape Town

Maipo River Basin in Central Chile

Tel Aviv

Sunset Field