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Below is a list of Climate Change Adaptation Plans we hope provides a resource for planning in your own cities. Please feel free to forward us links to additional adaptation plans you think would be helpful.

Arab Region

Arab Region State of Implementation on Climate Change


National Biodiversity and Climate Change Action Plan 2004-07
Adapting to Climate Change in Australia: An Australian Government Position Paper
Tourism and Climate Change: A Framework for Action
The National Climate Change Action Plan for Fisheries and Aquaculture

Baja California, Mexico

Programa Estatal de Accion ante el Cambio Climatico


California EPA Climate Action Team Report
California Department of Water Resources Climate Action Plan
Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for California’s Water
Social Vulnerability to Climate Change in California

Cape Town, South Africa

Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change in the City of Cape Town, August 2006


National Climate Change Action Plan

Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista Climate Action Plan


National Plan for Climate Change Adaptation

International Monetary Fund

Financing the Response to Climate Change


Israel’s Preparations for Global Climatic Changes


Environmental Action Strategy for Sustainable Development in Italy

Los Angeles, California

GreenLA: An Action Plan to Lead the Nation In Fighting Global Warming
ClimateLA: Municipal Program Implementing the GreenLA Climate Action Plan Executive Summary
Mid-Century Warming in the Los Angeles Region

Madrid, Spain

City of Madrid Plan for the Sustainable Use of Energy and Climate Change Prevention

Mandurah, Australia

Coastal Zone Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Action Plan

The Mediterranean Basin

The Mediterranean Action Plan


Special Climate Change Program: Executive Summary

Northern African Coastal Cities

Climate Change Adaptation and Preparing for Natural Disasters in the Coastal Cities of North Africa

Perth, Australia

Future Proofing Perth’s Eastern Region: Adapting to Climate Change

San Diego, California

The City of San Diego Climate Action Plan
Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy of San Diego Bay
The San Diego Water Authority
The Port of San Diego
San Diego Association of Governments Climate Action Strategy

Santa Clarita, California

City of Santa Clarita Draft Climate Action Plan


National Climate Change Action Plan

Western Cape, South Africa

A Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for the Western Cape
A Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for the Western Cape Summary

The World Bank

Cities and Climate Change: An Urgent Agenda
Guide to Climate Change Adaptation in Cities
Guide to Climate Change Adaptation in Cities: Executive Summary