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Currently funded by a one-year grant from the City of Long Beach, this research project aims to develop a long-term coyote management program for the Long Beach Animal Care Services Bureau.

coyoteThe research team will first assess existing coyote distribution data collected by local city wildlife officials. To augment these data, game cameras will be deployed to collect additional field data on coyote abundance, movement and distribution. CURes researchers will collect and analyze scats to 1) assess coyote dietary components, and 2) in an effort to identify individual coyotes through genetic analysis. The goal is for data from Year 1 to provide the foundation for the next phase of research to include the capture, radio collaring and tracking of target study site coyotes.

for more information, contact Dr. Peter Auger, CURes Senior Research Scientist.

for periodic updates on the project, follow the CURes Blog.