Our Programs

Restorative Practices

RP is a philosophy that grew from RJ that aims to provide school communities with safe, inclusive, and effective tools to help develop relationships within a healthy school environment. This comprehensive strategy can be used to help mold knowledgeable, responsible, and civically engaged citizens.

In our approach to RP, we take a whole-school perspective, whereby we invite all stakeholders—students, faculty, administrators, etc—to participate in the restorative process. This strategy promotes an environment where the school community benefits from collaboratively working toward building strong interpersonal and community relationships.

We partner with schools to offer program components including:

  • Education and Marketing
  • School Environment Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • *Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)
  • Implementation Support and Coordination
  • Restorative Language Integration
  • Community Building Circles
  • Community Conferencing
  • Professional Development

Please note: All of these components are non-linear and can take place simultaneously.

*We develop YPAR programs in complement to RP, whereby we work with young people to investigate social and environmental issues toward producing and promoting safe and healthy schools and neighborhoods.