Our Programs

At CURes, we engage primarily in two methods of RJ research:

Community-Based Participatory Action Research (CBPAR) seeks to engage youth and broader community members in dynamic modes of scientific inquiry concerning social and environmental issues. We approach CBPAR with the understanding that people are more often than not very well aware of social, political, and environmental issues in their neighborhood and the world more broadly. However, we question what awareness can achieve if there is only a limited understanding of the issues. With this in mind, we develop CBPAR programs in complement to RP, whereby we work with youth and broader community members to investigate social and environmental issues toward producing and promoting safe and healthy schools and neighborhoods.

Program Evaluation is a method of studying the effectiveness, efficiency, and fidelity of projects and programs. Our approach may be tailored to a range of contexts, from public to private sectors. Program evaluation is particularly salient to our school and community-based partners, as it behooves public and private institutions to understand project and program effectiveness. Furthermore, this process provides a mode for improving projects and programs that benefit schools and broader communities. As such, we offer program evaluation in an effort to aid in the process of producing healthy schools and neighborhoods.